Services for the media

The Press and Information Unit provides information available on the case-related activity of the Court of Justice and the General Court.

The two Courts rule exclusively through their decisions.  The Press and Information Unit does not, therefore, speak for the Courts.

The Unit disseminates, in one or more languages, press releases giving readily comprehensible information on the essential points of judgments and Opinions.  Certain events (formal sittings, official visits) may also be covered in a press release.

Press releases can be consulted on the Curia website or via an app for smartphones and tablets (Android and Apple), and are also available via an RSS feed.

The Unit also manages two Twitter accounts, @EUCourtPress (in English) and @CourUEPresse (in French), used to disseminate information on the work of the Court and important events.

Journalists can also contact one of the Unit's members of staff and be added to the list of email recipients of press releases and other occasional information concerning the diary (Information on data protection).

The diary covers a period of five weeks and gives details of hearings and delivery of judgments and Opinions.  It also contains general information on the cases dealt with.

The full text of judgments and Opinions is available on the Curia site, in general from 12:00 CET on the day of delivery.

Furthermore, meetings with Judges and Advocates General can be organised by the person responsible for the relevant language section.

Finally, media professionals may contact the Unit for explanations of legal terminology and questions of law addressed in the decisions of European Union Courts.


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