‘Changes in the publication of the European Court Reports’

Since 2014, the European Court Reports have been published in digital format only, and there has no longer been a paper version. This applies to the case-law of the Court of Justice and the General Court from 2012, and to the case-law concerning the civil service from 2010. Until now, the case-law has been published online in monthly tranches.

These arrangements are evolving.

First of all, publication in the digital European Court Reports is now on a daily basis, to ensure that documents appear in the Reports promptly after delivery.

By going to the Access to the digital European Court Reports page, it is therefore possible to consult, in the general Court Reports section and in the Reports of Staff Cases section:

  • the case-law published in the Reports, in tranches, since the introduction of digital publication, except for those months in respect of which the case-law is still being prepared for publication;
  • case-law from 1 November 2016, published in the digital Reports on a daily basis.

Secondly, following the transfer of jurisdiction from the Civil Service Tribunal to the General Court on 1 September 2016, decisions in relation to civil service disputes will be published in the general Court Reports, in accordance with the relevant publication criteria.

Thirdly, the method of citing case-law, based on the name and number of the case and on the ECLI code (European Case-Law Identifier), will gradually be standardised between the Court of Justice and the General Court.