Judicial calendar - Help

The judicial calendar lists the hearings fixed before the Court of Justice and the General Court for this week and the next four weeks.

How do you use the calendar?

There are a number of options for finding out which hearings are listed before the two courts:

  • for the hearings on a particular day, click on the date (a)
  • for the hearings in a particular week, click on the number of the week, on the left of the calendar (b)
  • for a particular hearing, click on the word “Calendar” to call up the “Search for a hearing” form, which will enable you to make your search (c)
  • for all hearings this week and over the next four weeks, click on the “Search” button in the “Search for a hearing” form, without entering any search criteria (d)

In the list of hearings obtained in this way, clicking on the number of the case gives you access to the various documents relating to that case available in the case-law database.

The “Information on judicial vacations” link in the “Search for a hearing” form leads to a list of the periods during which there are no hearings.


Judicial calendar