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Nº 152/2019 : 5 December 2015
The competent authority of the State of execution may not refuse to recognise and enforce a fine in respect of a road traffic offence imposed on the person in whose name the vehicle is registered, provided that such a presumption of liability may be rebutted.
Nº 151/2019 : 5 December 2019
European Union law does not preclude a national law that provides that each owner of a property in a building in co-ownership is required to contribute to the cost of heating supplied to the common parts of that building
Nº 150/2019 : 4 December 2019
The protection of the name ‘Aceto Balsamico di Modena’ does not extend to the use of the non-geographical terms of that name such as ‘aceto’ and ‘balsamico’
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