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Nº 80/2020 : 2 July 2020
According to Advocate General Kokott, the addressee, the taxpayer concerned and other concerned third parties must be able to obtain judicial review of an order to provide information made in the context of the cross-border exchange of information between tax authorities
Nº 79/2020 : 25 June 2020
According to Advocate General Pikamäe, Hungary has failed to fulfil obligations arising from EU law in relation to a substantial part of its national legislation on asylum procedures and the return of illegally staying third-country nationals
Nº 75/2020 : 25 June 2020
Judicial authorities adjudicating on the detention of a third-country national without a legal right of residence can receive an application for international protection and must inform the person concerned of the specific procedures for lodging such an application
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