The Library’s catalogue

The catalogue of the library is now available here:

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It is therefore possible to use this catalogue to carry out on-line bibliographical research on European Union law and on the other fields of law selectively covered by the catalogue of the Court library, such as international law, comparative law, the laws of the Member States of the European Union and of certain non-member countries and the general theory of law.  

Currently, the catalogue is one of the most complete in the world as regards European Union law.  That is due to the fact that, so far as possible, the Court library acquires all legal publications which appear in that field, in all the official languages of the European Union, and that it systematically analyses some 1 000 reviews to which it subscribes, entering in its catalogue all articles on European Union law which are published in them.  

The catalogue presently includes approximately 340 000 bibliographical notices, including more than 80 000 concerning European Union law.
It is growing at a rate of more than 20 000 notices per year.