Europe Day

The Court will open its doors in:
Event Schedule
  • 11
    Europe Day - Place Clairefontaine

    Come and discover the stands of the EU Institutions

  • 13
    First shuttle bus departure

    Shuttle buses every 25 minutes between 13:45 and 17:30.

  • 14
    Discover the Court of Justice

    The Court of Justice opens its doors to invite you on a guided tour

Discover the Court of Justice

The EU's judicial authority

Since the establishment of the Court of Justice of the European Union in 1952, its mission has been to ensure that "the law is observed" "in the interpretation and application" of the Treaties. As part of that mission, the Court of Justice of the European Union: reviews the legality of the acts of the institutions of the European Union, ensures that the Member States comply with obligations under the Treaties, and interprets European Union law at the request of the national courts and tribunals. The Court thus constitutes the judicial authority of the European Union and, in cooperation with the courts and tribunals of the Member States, it ensures the uniform application and interpretation of European Union law. The Court of Justice of the European Union, which has its seat in Luxembourg, consists of three courts: the Court of Justice, the General Court (created in 1988) and the Civil Service Tribunal (created in 2004). Since their establishment, approximately 28 000 judgments have been delivered by the three courts.

Visit the Court
  • 1
    Visit the buildings
    Explore the buildings 3 different ways:
    • Guided Tour of the Palais
    • Explore the buildings for yourself
    • Visit the 24th floor of the tower
  • 2
    How does the Court work?

    The various services of the institution report to the Court's Registrar, under the authority of the President. Discover how these services support the three separate courts that make up the institution

  • 3
    The art collection of the Court

    Thanks to the contributions of the Member States, the Court holds a collection of works of art, representing the European artistic heritage.

  • Virtual tour

    Take to the skies with this panoramic view of the Court.

  • The services

    The various services of the Court will be happy to explain their work

  • The art works

    Explore the art works which have been entrusted to the Court.

The Towers

Visit the 24th floor of one of the two towers. Discover the highest point of Kirchberg and enjoy its magnificient view over four countries.

Access to the towers is via the Galerie. This position on the central artery which joins the buildings together is ideal for the services which work for the three courts.