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Notice for the OJ



     11 December 2001

in Case T-191/99: David Petrie and Others v Commission of the European Communities(1)

    (Transparency ( Public access to documents ( Commission Decision 94/90/ECSC, EC, Euratom ( Proceedings for failure to fulfil obligations ( Formal notice ( Reasoned opinion ( Exception relating to

protection of the public interest ( Inspections and investigations ( Court proceedings ( Authorship rule ( Direct effect of Article 255 EC)

    (Language of the case: Italian)

    (Provisional translation; the definitive translation will be published in the European Court Reports)

In Case T-191/99, David Petrie, Victoria Jane Primhak and David Verzoni, residing respectively in Verona, Naples and Bologna (Italy), Associazione lettori di lingua straniera in Italia, incorporating Committee for the Defence of Foreign Lecturers (ALLSI/CDFL), established in Verona, represented by L. Picotti and C. Medernach, avocats, with an address for service in Luxembourg, v Commission of the European Communities, represented by P. Stancanelli and U. Wölker, acting as Agents, with an address for service in Luxembourg: application for the annulment of the Commission decision of 20 July 1999 refusing access to documents relating to Infringement Procedure No 96/2208 brought under Article 226 EC against the Italian Republic and concerning the situation of foreign-language lecturers employed in Italian universities, the Court of First Instance (Fourth Chamber, Extended Composition), composed of: P. Mengozzi, President, R. García-Valdecasas, V. Tiili, R.M. Moura Ramos and J.D. Cooke, Judges, Registrar: J. Palacio González, Administrator, has given a judgment on 11 December 2001, in which it has ruled:

1.Dismisses the action;

2.Orders the applicants to pay the defendant's costs in addition to their own costs.


1 - OJ C 314 of 30.10.1999