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Action brought on 12 May 2006 - Sapara v Eurojust

(Case F-61/06)

Language of the case: English


Applicant: Cathy Sapara (The Hague, The Netherlands) (represented by: G. Vandersanden and C. Ronzi, lawyers)

Defendant: Eurojust

Form of order sought

The applicant claims that the Tribunal should:

annul the decision of 6 July 2005 to terminate the applicant's contract and order her reintegration in Eurojust from that date;

order the compensation of the prejudice suffered by the applicant, evaluated on a provisional basis ex aequo et bono at EUR 200 000 for the moral prejudice and the payment of the salary of the applicant from July 2005 to 15 October 2009 for the material prejudice;

order the defendant to bear the costs of the proceedings.

Pleas in law and main arguments

The applicant, a former temporary agent of Eurojust, challenges the decision to terminate her contract at the end of the probationary period.

In support of her claims, she relies on the following pleas:

infringement of Article 14 of the Conditions of Employment of Other Servants of the Communities (CEOS) and of Article 9 of the Staff Regulations;

breach of the general principle of law imposing the motivation of any act affecting the applicant's interests;

flagrant errors in the appraisal of facts leading to errors in law;

breach of the general principle of good administration and of the rights of defence;

misuse of power.

As regards the request for compensation, the applicant considers that she has been the victim of harassment an that she has been defamed on several occasions.