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Order of the Civil Service Tribunal (Third Chamber) of 19 December 2006 -Suhadolnik v Court of Justice

(Case F-78/06) 1

(Officials - Recruitment -Appointment - Probationary period -Probationer - Establishment - Grading by grade and step - Transitional measures of Annex XIII to the Staff Regulations - Admissibility the action)

Language of the case: French


Applicant: Simona Suhadolnik (Luxembourg, Luxembourg) (represented by: S. Rodrigues, A. Jaume, and C. Bernard-Glanz, lawyers)

Defendant: Court of Justice of the European Communities (represented by: M. Schauss, Agent)

Intervener in support of the defendant: Council of the European Union (represented by: M. Arpio and I. Sulce, Agents)


Firstly, annulment of the decision of the Court of Justice of 22 July 2005 establishing the applicant and fixing her grade in accordance with Article 12(3) of Annex XIII to the Staff Regulations and her step in accordance with the new version of Article 32 of the Staff Regulations and, secondly, a request for reclassification and a claim for damages.

Operative part of the order

The Tribunal:

1.    Dismisses the action as manifestly inadmissible;

2.    Orders the parties to bear their own costs.


1 - OJ C 237, 30.9.2006, p. 17.