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Judgment of the Civil Service Tribunal (Third Chamber) of 7 July 2010 - Tomas v European Parliament

(Cases F-116/07, F 13/08 and 31/08) 1

(Civil service - Members of temporary staff - Article 2(c) of the Conditions of Employment of other servants of the European Communities - Termination of employment - Relationship of trust - Prior consultation of the Parliament's Staff Committee - None)

Language of the case: Lithuanian


Applicant: Stanislovas Tomas (Vilnius, Lithuania) (represented by: M. Michalauskas. lawyer)

Defendant: European Parliament (represented by: A. Lukošiūtė and K. Zejdová, acting as Agents)


First, the annulment of the appointing authority's decision to dismiss that applicant and, second, an application for damages for the non-material and material loss suffered.

Operative part of the judgment

The Tribunal:

Dismisses applications F-116/07 and F_13/08;

Orders the European Parliament to pay Mr Stanislovas Tomas the sum of EUR 1 000, for the non-material damage he has suffered;

Dismisses the remainder of the application in F 31/08;

Orders each party to bear its own costs relating to all of the actions F-116/07, F-13/08 and F-31/08.


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