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Order of the Civil Service Tribunal (Second Chamber) of 4 June 2013 – Marrone v Commission

(Case F-89/12) 1

(Civil Service – Officials – Appointment – Principle of equivalence of careers –Placement in grade applying new rules which are less favourable – Request for reclassification – Lateness – New Facts – None – Manifest inadmissibility)

Language of the case: French


Applicant: Stefania Marrone (Wezembeek-Oppem, Belgium) (represented by: S. Rodrigues, A. Blot and A. Tymen, lawyers)

Defendant: European Commission (represented by: C. Berardis-Kayser and G. Berscheid, Agents)


Application for annulment of the Commission’s decision not to reclassify the applicant.

Operative part of the order

1.    The action is dismissed as manifestly inadmissible.

2.    Ms Marrone shall bear her own costs and pay those of the European Commission.


1 OJ C 331, 27.10.2012, p. 33.