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Action brought on 27 June 2013 – ZZ v ENISA

(Case F-63/13)

Language of the case: Greek


Applicant: ZZ (represented by: V. Christianos, lawyer)

Defendant: European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA)

Subject-matter and description of the proceedings

The annulment, firstly, of the decision to dismiss the applicant and, secondly, of the decision, adopted after the judgment of the CST in Case F-118/10, to appoint another agent to the post of accountant. Finally, compensation for the non-pecuniary harm allegedly suffered.

Form of order sought

Annul the decision of ENISA rejecting the applicant’s claim, and the other contested decisions, namely the decision of ENISA of 4 September 2012 dismissing the applicant and the decision of ENISA of 9 October 2012 appointing Mr X. to the post of accountant in the applicant’s place;

Order ENISA to pay the applicant, in respect of all the abovementioned unlawful acts, the sum of EUR 100 000 as compensation for the non-pecuniary harm;

Order ENISA to pay the costs.