Language of document : ECLI:EU:T:1999:45

"The full text of one judgment which is representative of the "Steel Beams" cases (thejudgment in Case T-141/94 Thyssen Stahl v Commission) is available on this site in all theofficial Community languages. The judgments (1) in the other "Steel Beams" cases areavailable only in the original languages of the cases. They will, however, subsequentlybe published in the other Community languages in extract form, limited to points ofgeneral significance."

1:     Case T-134/94: NMH Stahlwerke v Commission

    Case T-136/94: Eurofer v Commission

    Case T-137/94: ARBED v Commission

    Case T-138/94: Cockerill-Sambre v Commission

    Case T-145/94: Unimétal v Commission

    Case T-147/94: Krupp Hoesch v Commission

    Case T-148/94: Preussag v Commission

    Case T-151/94: British Steel v Commission

    Case T-156/94: Aristrain v Commission

    Case T-157/94: Ensidesa v Commission