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Notice for the OJ



     21 March 2002

in Case T-231/99: Colin Joynson v Commission of the European Communities(1)

    (Competition ( Beer supply agreements ( Individual exemption ( Article 81(3) EC)

    (Language of the case: English)

In Case T-231/99, Colin Joynson, residing in Manchester (United Kingdom), represented by B. Bedford, Barrister, instructed by Messrs Ferdinand Kelly, Solicitors, v Commission of the European Communities (Agents: K. Wiedner and N. Khan), supported by Bass plc, established in London (United Kingdom), represented by M. Farquharson, J. Block and N. Green, Solicitors, with an address for service in Luxembourg: Application for annulment of Commission Decision 1999/473/EC of 16 June 1999 relating to a proceeding pursuant to Article 81 [EC] (Case IV/36.081/F3 ( Bass) (OJ 1999 L 186, p. 1), the Court of First Instance (Third Chamber), composed of: J. Azizi, President, K. Lenaerts and M. Jaeger, Judges; J. Palacio González, Administrator, for the Registrar, has given a judgment on 21 March 2002, in which it:

1.Dismisses the application;

2.Orders the applicant to bear his own costs and pay those of the Commission;

3.Orders the intervener to bear its own costs.


1 - OJ C 6 of 8.1.2000