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Judgment of the Court of First Instance (Fifth Chamber) of 27 March 2003 in Case T-33/00: Natalia Martínez Páramo and Others v Commission of the European Communities1

(Officials ( Competition ( Selection board ( Decision of the selection board not admitting candidate to oral tests ( Scope of obligation to provide reasons ( Scope of judicial review ( Requests for reexamination of marking ( Compliance with rules governing the work of selection boards ( Manifest error)

    (Language of the case: French)

In Case T-33/00: Natalia Martínez Páramo, residing in Brussels, Anna Sodro, residing in Sterrebeek (Belgium), Ines van Lierde, residing in Beersel (Belgium), Jean-Martial Marenne, residing in Brussels, Ron Moys, residing in West Mallins, Kent (United Kingdom) and Michel Horgan, residing in Brussels, represented by É. Boigelot, lawyer, with an address for service in Luxembourg, against Commission of the European Communities (Agents: G. Valsesia and F. Clotuche-Duvieusart) - application for annulment of the decisions of the chairman of the selection board for internal competitions to establish members of the temporary staff (COM/TA/2/98 and COM/TB/2/98) not to admit the applicants to the oral tests in those competitions after requests for reexamination of the marking of the written tests in those competitions were submitted by the applicants - the Court of First Instance (Fifth Chamber), composed of R. García-Valdecasas, President, P. Lindh and J.D. Cooke, Judges; J. Palacio González, Principal Administrator, for the Registrar, gave a judgment on 27 March 2003, in which it:

1.dismisses the application.

    2.orders the parties to bear their own costs.


1 - OJ 2000 C 135