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Order of the Civil Service Tribunal (First Chamber) of 9 July 2010 - Marcuccio v Commission

(Case F-91/09) 1

(Public service - Officials - Reasonable time-limits for bringing a claim for damages - Out of time)

Language of the case: Italian


Applicant: Luigi Marcuccio (Tricase, Italy) (represented by: G. Cipressa, lawyer)

Defendant: European Commission (represented by: J. Currall and C. Berardis-Kayser, Agents, and A. Dal Ferro, lawyer)


Rejection by the Commission of the applicant's request for compensation for damage purportedly suffered as a result of a letter by which the Commission asked a doctor to carry out a medical examination in order to determine whether the applicant was genuinely unfit for work.

Operative part of the order

The action is dismissed as being in part manifestly inadmissible and in part manifestly unfounded.

Mr Marcuccio is to pay the costs in their entirety.


1 - OJ C 11 of 16.1.2010, p. 41.