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Action brought on 26 March 2011 - ZZ v CEDEFOP

(Case F-31/11)

Language of the case: French


Applicant: ZZ (represented by: M.-A. Lucas, lawyer)

Defendant: European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (CEDEFOP)

Subject-matter and description of the proceedings

Application for annulment of the decision of the Director of CEDEFOP to terminate the employment of the applicant and for reparation of material and non-material loss sustained.

Form of order sought

annul the decision of 14 April 2010 of the Director of CEDEFOP terminating the employment of the applicant;

order CEDEFOP to pay him, by way of compensation for his material loss in the absence of reinstatement or until any such reinstatement, the difference between firstly, the remuneration and pension that he would have received if he had remained in service after the 15 November 2010 and, secondly, the possible remuneration or unemployment benefit and pension which he would receive after that date;

order CEDEFOP to pay the applicant compensation for his non-material loss, provisionally assessed at 35 000 Euros;

order CEDEFOP to pay the costs.