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Order of the Civil Service Tribunal (First Chamber) of 18 July 2016 — Dietrich v Parliament

(Case F-143/15) 1

(Civil service — Contract staff — Early termination of the contract — Expiry date of the notice period — Suspension of the notice period — New expiry date of the notice period — Act not having an adverse effect — Complaint lodged out of time — Plea of inadmissibility — Manifest inadmissibility — Article 83 of the Rules of Procedure)

Language of the case: French


Applicant: Constant Dietrich (Pfulgriesheim, France) (represented by: A. Fombaron, lawyer)

Defendant: European Parliament (represented by: L. Deneys and E. Taneva, Agents)

Subject-matter of the case

Action for annulment of the decision rejecting the applicant’s complaint seeking annulment of the decision terminating early his employment at the European Parliament.

Operative part of the order

The action is dismissed as manifestly inadmissible.

Constant Dietrich shall bear his own costs and shall pay the costs incurred by the European Parliament.


1 OJ C 68, 22.2.2016, p. 45.