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Request for an opinion submitted by the European Parliament pursuant to Article 218(11) TFEU

(Opinion 1/15)

Language of the case: all the official languages


European Parliament (represented by: F. Drexler, A. Caiola and D. Moore, Agents)

Questions submitted to the Court

Is the envisaged agreement 1 compatible with the provisions of the Treaties (Article 16 TFEU) and the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union (Articles 7, 8 and Article 52(1)) as regards the right of individuals to protection of personal data?

Do Articles 82(1)(d) and 87(2)(a) TFEU constitute the appropriate legal basis for the act of the Council concluding the envisaged agreement or must that act be based on Article 16 TFEU?



1     Agreement between Canada and the European Union on the transfer and processing of Passenger Name Record data.