Order of the Civil Service Tribunal (First Chamber) of 4 November 2008 -Marcuccio v Commission

(Case F-87/07) 1

(Staff cases - Officials - Action for damages - Allegedly unlawful conduct on the part of the Commission's Medical Service - Inadmissibility - Failure to comply with a reasonable period for lodging a claim for compensation)

Language of the case: Italian


Applicant: Luigi Marcuccio (Tricase, Italy) (represented by: G. Cipressa, lawyer)

Defendant: Commission of the European Communities (represented by: J. Currall and C. Berardis-Kayser, acting as Agents, assisted by A. Dal Ferro, lawyer)


Action for annulment of the Commission's decision not to grant the applicant's claim for compensation in respect of damage allegedly suffered by reason of the unlawful conduct of the Commission's Medical Service in dealing with three medical certificates produced by the applicant in the summer of 2001

Operative part of the order

1.    The action is dismissed as manifestly inadmissible.

2.    Mr Marcuccio is ordered to pay the costs.


1 - OJ C 247, 20.10.07, p. 45.