Order of the Civil Service Tribunal (First Chamber) of 29 June 2010 - Schuerewegen v Parliament

(Case F-125/10) 1

(Staff case - Officials - Measure removing the applicant from his place of work - Withdrawal of his staff card - Withdrawal of his rights of access to the IT network - Prior complaint - Sent by electronic means - Administration actually aware of it - Out of time - Manifest inadmissibility)

Language of the case: French


Applicant: Daniel Schuerewegen (Marienthal, Luxembourg) (represented by: P. Nelissen Grade and G. Leblanc, lawyers)

Defendant: Parliament (represented by: O. Caisou-Rousseau and E. Despotopoulou, Agents)


Application for annulment of the appointing authority's decision by which the applicant was removed from his place of work and his staff card withdrawn, and also of the measures taken as a result of that decision and a claim for damages

Operative part of the order

The Tribunal

1.    Dismisses the action as manifestly inadmissible;.

2.    Orders Mr Schuerewegen to pay all the costs.


1 - OJ C 30 of 29/1/11, p. 68.