Order of the General Court of 15 December 2020 – Junqueras i Vies v Parliament

(Case T-24/20) 1

(Action for annulment – Institutional law – Member of European Parliament – Privileges and immunities – Announcement by the President of the European Parliament of the establishment of the vacancy of a Member of the European Parliament’s seat – Request to take urgently an initiative to assert the privileges and immunities of a Member of the European Parliament – Acts not open to judicial review – Inadmissibility)

Language of the case: Spanish


Applicant: Oriol Junqueras i Vies (Sant Joan de Vilatorrada, Spain) (represented by: A. Van den Eynde Adroer, lawyer)

Defendant: European Parliament (represented by: F. Drexler, N. Görlitz and C. Burgos, acting as Agents)


Action under Article 263 TFEU for the annulment, first, of the establishment of a vacancy of the applicant’s seat as from 3 January 2020, announced by the President of the Parliament at the plenary session of 13 January 2020 and, second, of the alleged rejection by the latter of the request to take urgently an initiative seeking to assert the immunity of the applicant, submitted on 20 December 2019 in his name by Ms Riba I Giner, Member of the European Parliament, on the basis of Article 8 of the Rules of Procedure of the Parliament.

Operative part of the order

1.    The action is dismissed as inadmissible.

2.    There is no longer any need to rule on the application to intervene of the Kingdom of Spain.

3.    Mr Oriol Junqueras I Vies shall pay the costs, including those incurred in Case T-24/20 R.

4.    The Kingdom of Spain shall bear the costs relating to its application to intervene.


1     OJ C 68, 2.3.2020.