Order of the Civil Service Tribunal (First Chamber) of 1 August 2016 — Sajewicz-Świackiewcz v Commission

(Case F-39/13) 1

(Civil Service — Officials — Pensions — Article 11(2) of Annex VIII to the Staff Regulations — Transfer to the EU pension scheme of pension rights acquired under other schemes — Decision on recognition of additional pensionable years applying the new GIP relating to Articles 11 and 12 of Annex VIII to the Staff Regulations — Article 81 of the Rules of Procedure — Action manifestly unfounded)

Language of the case: French


Applicant: Jolanta Sajewicz-Świackiewcz (Brussels, Belgium) (represented initially by: D. de Abreu Caldas, A. Coolen, J.-N. Louis, É. Marchal and S. Orlandi, lawyers, subsequently by D. de Abreu Caldas, J.-N. Louis and S. Orlandi, lawyers, then by J.-N. Louis and S. Orlandi, lawyers, and lastly by J.-N. Louis, lawyer)

Defendant: European Commission (represented initially by: C. Ehrbar and G. Gattinara, acting as Agents, subsequently by J. Currall and G. Gattinara, acting as Agents, then by G. Gattinara, acting as Agent, and lastly by G. Gattinara and F. Simonetti, acting as Agents)


Application for annulment of the decision fixing the credit for the pension rights acquired prior to entry into service at the Commission pursuant to the new GIP and the decision rejecting the complaint.

Operative part of the order

1.    The action is dismissed as manifestly unfounded.

2.    Each party shall bear its own costs.


1 OJ C 207, 20.7.2013, p. 60.