Action brought on 24 June 2010 - De Nicola v EIB

(Case F-49/10)

Language of the case: Italian


Applicant: Carlo De Nicola (Strassen, Luxembourg) (represented by: L. Isola, lawyer)

Defendant: European Investment Bank

Subject-matter and description of the proceedings

Application for annulment of the decision communicated to the applicant on 11 May 2009 insofar as it essentially obstructed the attempted amicable settlement of the matter by rejecting by implication the claim for reimbursement of medical expenses for laser therapy treatment, and an order that the defendant pay to the applicant the sum of EUR 3 000 together with interest, monetary inflation to be taken into account in fixing the amount awarded.

Form of order sought

Annul the measure communicated by e-mail on 11 May 2010.

Order the EIB to pay to the applicant the sum of EUR 3 000, expenditure for the laser therapy treatment undergone in 2007, together with compensation for monetary inflation and interest on the amount awarded.

Order the EIB to pay the costs of the proceedings.