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     Case      Document Date Name of the parties Subject-matter Curia EUR-Lex
T-464/21 Application (OJ)
27/08/2021 Faller and Others v Commission
T-462/21 Application (OJ)
27/08/2021 Portigon v Commission
T-456/21 Application (OJ)
27/08/2021 Bank of America and Bank of America Corporation v Commission
T-454/21 Application (OJ)
27/08/2021 G-Core Innovations v EUIPO - Coretransform (G CORELABS)
T-453/21 Application (OJ)
27/08/2021 UniCredit and UniCredit Bank v Commission
T-452/21 Application (OJ)
27/08/2021 Thomas Henry v EUIPO (MATE MATE)
T-451/21 Application (OJ)
27/08/2021 Hesse v EUIPO - Wedl & Hofmann (Testa Rossa)
T-446/21 Application (OJ)
27/08/2021 Commission de régulation de l’énergie v ACER
T-445/21 Application (OJ)
27/08/2021 Copal Tree Brands v EUIPO - Sumol + Compal Marcas (COPALLI)
T-444/21 Application (OJ)
20/08/2021 Ryanair v Commission
T-443/21 Application (OJ)
27/08/2021 YAplus DBA Yoga Alliance v EUIPO - Vidyanand (YOGA ALLIANCE INDIA INTERNATIONAL)
T-439/21 Application (OJ)
20/08/2021 Anglofranchise v EUIPO - Bugrey (BOY LONDON)
T-438/21 Application (OJ)
20/08/2021 TL v Commission
T-435/21 Application (OJ)
13/08/2021 TK v Commission
T-434/21 Application (OJ)
13/08/2021 TO v EEA
T-433/21 Application (OJ)
20/08/2021 Vitronic v EUIPO (Enforcement Trailer)
T-432/21 Application (OJ)
20/08/2021 Sushi&Food Factor v EUIPO (READY 4YOU)
T-430/21 Application (OJ)
20/08/2021 Apex Brands v EUIPO - Sartorius Werkzeuge (SATA)
T-429/21 Application (OJ)
20/08/2021 Aldi Einkauf v EUIPO - Cantina sociale Tollo (ALDIANO)
T-426/21 Application (OJ)
06/08/2021 Assaad v Council