Judgment of the Court (Fifth Chamber) of 26 November 2015

MedEval - Qualitäts-, Leistungs- und Struktur-Evaluierung im Gesundheitswesen GmbH

Request for a preliminary ruling from the Verwaltungsgerichtshof

Reference for a preliminary ruling — Public procurement — Directive 89/665/EEC — Principles of effectiveness and equivalence — Review procedures concerning the award of public contracts — Period allowed for commencing proceedings — National legislation making an action for damages subject to a precondition that the procedure be declared unlawful — Limitation period which starts to run irrespective of the applicant’s knowledge of the unlawfulness

Case C-166/14

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Judgment (OJ)
15/01/2016 MedEval
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26/11/2015 MedEval
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Judgment (Summary)
26/11/2015 MedEval
21/05/2015 MedEval
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Application (OJ)
01/08/2014 MedEval
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Systematic classification scheme

4 Internal policy of the European Union
  4.11 Approximation of laws
    4.11.02 Public procurement Review procedures Action/actions for damages
4 Internal policy of the European Union
  4.11 Approximation of laws
    4.11.02 Public procurement Review procedures Procedural rules

Citations of case-law or legislation

References in grounds of judgment

Operative part

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Date of the lodging of the application initiating proceedings

  • 07/04/2014

Date of the Opinion

  • 21/05/2015

Date of the hearing

Information not available

Date of delivery



Publication in the Official Journal

Judgment: OJ C 38 from 01.02.2016, p.4

Application: OJ C 282 from 25.08.2014, p.16

Name of the parties


Notes on Academic Writings

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Procedural Analysis Information

Source of the question referred for a preliminary ruling

Verwaltungsgerichtshof - Austria


  • Freedom of establishment
  • Freedom to provide services
  • Approximation of laws

Provisions of national law referred to

Bundesgesetz über die Vergabe von Aufträgen (Bundesvergabegesetz – BVergG), Paragraphen 312 und 332

Provisions of international law referred to

Information not available

Procedure and result

  • Reference for a preliminary ruling

Formation of the Court

cinquième chambre (Cour)



Advocate General


Language(s) of the Case

  • German

Language(s) of the Opinion

  • German