Judgment of the Court (Seventh Chamber) of 13 January 2022

DS v Koch Personaldienstleistungen GmbH

Request for a preliminary ruling from the Bundesarbeitsgericht

Reference for a preliminary ruling – Social policy – Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union – Article 31(2) – Directive 2003/88/EC – Organisation of working time – Article 7 – Annual leave – Working time – Overtime – Calculation of working time on a monthly basis – No overtime pay when taking annual leave

Case C-514/20

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Document Date Name of the parties Subject-matter Curia EUR-Lex
Judgment (OJ)
18/02/2022 Koch Personaldienstleistungen
13/01/2022 Koch Personaldienstleistungen
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Application (OJ)
18/12/2020 Koch Personaldienstleistungen
Request for a preliminary ruling
13/10/2020 Koch Personaldienstleistungen
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Systematic classification scheme

1 The legal order of the European Union
  1.04 Fundamental rights
    1.04.03 The fundamental rights Fair and just working conditions
4 Internal policy of the European Union
  4.14 Social policy
    4.14.05 Protection of the health and safety of workers

Citations of case-law or legislation

References in grounds of judgment

Operative part


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Date of the lodging of the application initiating proceedings

  • 13/10/2020

Date of the Opinion

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Date of the hearing

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Publication in the Official Journal

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Name of the parties

Koch Personaldienstleistungen

Notes on Academic Writings

  1. Driguez, Laetitia: Politique sociale - Congés payés et temps de travail effectif, Europe 2022, n° 3 Mars, comm. 89 (FR)
  2. Klocke, Daniel: Mehrarbeitszuschläge und Jahresurlaub : mittelbare Entgeltgestaltung durch Art. 7 Abs. 1 RL 2003/88/EG? : zugleich Besprechung zum Urteil des EuGH vom 13.1.2022, Rs. C‐514/20 (DS . /. Koch Personaldienstleistungen GmbH), abgedruckt in diesem Heft S. 236 ff., Zeitschrift für europäisches Sozial- und Arbeitsrecht 2022 p. 195-199 (DE)
  3. Weidl, Katharina: Anmerkung zu EuGH, Urt. v. 13.1.2022 - C-514/20, Koch Personaldienstleistungen GmbH, Zeitschrift für das Privatrecht der Europäischen Union - GPR 2022 p. 100-103 (DE)

Procedural Analysis Information

Source of the question referred for a preliminary ruling

Bundesarbeitsgericht - Germany


  • Fundamental rights
  • - Charter of Fundamental Rights
  • Freedom of movement for workers
  • Social policy
  • Approximation of laws

Provisions of national law referred to

Bundesurlaubsgesetz (BUrlG), article 1er

Provisions of international law referred to

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Procedure and result

  • Reference for a preliminary ruling

Formation of the Court

septième chambre (Cour)



Advocate General

Richard de la Tour

Language(s) of the Case

  • German

Language(s) of the Opinion

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