Judgment of the Court (First Chamber) of 22 June 2022

Leistritz AG v LH

Request for a preliminary ruling from the Bundesarbeitsgericht

Reference for a preliminary ruling – Protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data – Regulation (EU) 2016/679 – Second sentence of Article 38(3) – Data protection officer – Prohibition of the dismissal, by a controller or processor, of a data protection officer or of the imposition, by a controller or processor, of a penalty on him or her for performing his or her tasks – Legal basis – Article 16 TFEU – Requirement of functional independence – National legislation prohibiting the termination of a data protection officer’s employment contract without just cause

Case C-534/20

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Judgment (OJ)
22/07/2022 Leistritz
22/06/2022 Leistritz
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22/06/2022 Leistritz
27/01/2022 Leistritz
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Application (OJ)
08/01/2021 Leistritz
Request for a preliminary ruling
21/10/2020 Leistritz
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Systematic classification scheme

4 Internal policy of the European Union
  4.11 Approximation of laws
    4.11.01 Protection of personal data

Citations of case-law or legislation

References in grounds of judgment

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Date of the lodging of the application initiating proceedings

  • 21/10/2020

Date of the Opinion

  • 27/01/2022

Date of the hearing

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Notes on Academic Writings

  1. Rançon, Élodie: CJUE : Précisions sur le licenciement du délégué à la protection des données / ER, Dalloz IP / IT 2022, nº 7-8, p. 351-352 (FR)
  2. Gazin, Fabienne: Droits fondamentaux - Protection des données, Europe 2022, n° 8-9 Août-Septembre, comm. 266 (FR)

Procedural Analysis Information

Source of the question referred for a preliminary ruling

Bundesarbeitsgericht - Germany


  • Principles, objectives and tasks of the Treaties
  • Data protection

Provisions of national law referred to

Bundesdatenschutzgesetz (BDSG), article 38, paragraphes 1 et 2, et article 6, paragraphe 4, deuxième phrase Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch (BGB) (2002), article 626, paragraphes 1 et 2, et article 134

Provisions of international law referred to

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Procedure and result

  • Reference for a preliminary ruling

Formation of the Court

première chambre (Cour)



Advocate General

Richard de la Tour

Language(s) of the Case

  • German

Language(s) of the Opinion

  • French