Judgment of the Court (First Chamber) of 27 November 2008.

Intel Corporation Inc. v CPM United Kingdom Ltd.

Reference for a preliminary ruling: Court of Appeal (England & Wales) (Civil Division) - United Kingdom.

Directive 89/104/EEC - Trade marks - Article 4(4)(a) - Trade marks with a reputation - Protection against the use of a later identical or similar mark - Use which takes or would take unfair advantage of, or is or would be detrimental to, the distinctive character or the repute of the earlier trade mark.

Case C-252/07.

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26/06/2008 Intel Corporation
Application (OJ)
04/08/2007 Intel Corporation
Judgment (Summary)
27/11/2008 Intel Corporation
27/11/2008 Intel Corporation
Judgment (OJ)
24/01/2009 Intel Corporation
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Reports of Cases

2008 I-08823


Interpretation of Articles 4(4)(a) and 5(2) of Directive 89/104/EEC: First Council Directive of 21 December 1988 to approximate the laws of the Member States relating to trade marks (OJ 1989 L 40, p. 1) – Earlier mark having a reputation – Criteria to be taken into account in order to establish the existence of a connection within the meaning of Case C-408/01 Adidas-Salomon AG and Adidas-Benelux BV

Systematic classification scheme

B European Community (EEC/EC)
  B-11 Approximation of laws
    B-11.07 Harmonisation of trade mark law
      B-11.07.03 Effects of a mark
B European Community (EEC/EC)
  B-11 Approximation of laws
    B-11.07 Harmonisation of trade mark law
      B-11.07.03 Effects of a mark
B European Community (EEC/EC)
  B-11 Approximation of laws
    B-11.07 Harmonisation of trade mark law
      B-11.07.03 Effects of a mark

Citations of case-law or legislation

References in grounds of judgment

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Date of the lodging of the application initiating proceedings

  • 29/05/2007

Date of the Opinion

  • 26/06/2008

Date of the hearing

Information not available

Date of delivery



Publication in the Official Journal

Application: OJ C 183 from 04.08.2007, p.20

Judgment: OJ C 19 from 24.01.2009, p.4

Name of the parties

Intel Corporation

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Procedural Analysis Information

Source of the question referred for a preliminary ruling

Court of Appeal (England & Wales) (Civil Division) - United Kingdom


  • Approximation of laws
  • Intellectual, industrial and commercial property

Provisions of national law referred to

Trade Marks Act 1994, sections 11(1) and 47(6)

Provisions of international law referred to

Information not available

Procedure and result

  • Reference for a preliminary ruling

Formation of the Court

première chambre (Cour)



Advocate General


Language(s) of the Case

  • English

Language(s) of the Opinion

  • English