Guide for journalists

Journalists are requested to use the entrance to the ERASMUS building situated in rue du Fort Niedergrünewald.

Hearings are generally held in public. Journalists wishing to attend a hearing or the delivery of a judgment are requested to apply for accreditation in advance using the accreditation form.

A press room is available to accredited journalists.

Sound and picture recordings in the courtrooms are permitted only when judgments or Advocates' General's Opinions are delivered or when a case is called.

Photographers and cameramen may not move around the courtroom to take pictures.

Where there is a strong media interest, the number of cameras allowed in the courtroom will be reduced and a pool will be set up.

The use of flash guns, mobile telephones, laptops or other electronic equipment is not permitted in the courtrooms.

Further information:  

 - Access map
 - Accreditation form