The Registry is responsible for keeping the register of the General Court and for maintaining the case-files, for receiving, sending, serving and keeping documents and for corresponding with the parties, applicants for leave to intervene and applicants for legal aid.

Lodging of procedural documents

Lodging by electronic means

Lodging by postal means



Lodging by electronic means

Agents and lawyers entitled to practise before the courts of a Member State or a State party to the European Economic Area Agreement may, provided they have an account giving access to e-Curia, lodge a procedural document using that application. In that case, it is not necessary, after transmission of that document, also to send it by post or to send certified copies.


Lodging by postal means

The address of the Registry of the General Court must be used for the lodging of procedural documents and for correspondence from representatives of the parties concerning pending cases; it must not be used for making general enquiries.

Procedural documents and correspondence concerning pending cases may also be delivered directly to the Registry of the General Court or, outside the Registry's opening hours, to the security staff present 24/24 hours at the entrances to the court buildings.

Transmission of a procedural document by fax is taken into account solely if it is a copy of the signed original and on condition that the original itself arrives at the Registry not later than ten days afterwards.

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