Press releases

No 65/2021 : 15 April 2021
Advocate General Bobek: the Court should revisit its case-law (the CILFIT criteria) on the duty of national courts of last instance to request a preliminary ruling

No 64/2021 : 15 April 2021
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Law governing the institutions
Advocate General Bobek: The Court should declare the European Banking Authority Guidelines on Product Oversight and Governance Arrangements for Retail Banking Products invalid

No 63/2021 : 15 April 2021
According to Advocate General Pitruzzella, a national court can order a subsidiary company to pay compensation for the harm caused by the anticompetitive conduct of its parent company in a case where the Commission has imposed a fine solely on that parent company

No 62/2021 : 15 April 2021
Citizenship of the Union
With regard to the recognition in the European Union of the parentage of a child of a married same-sex couple, Advocate General Kokott recommends that a balance be struck between the national identity of the Member States and the right to freedom of movement of the child and of his or her parents

No 61/2021 : 15 April 2021
Principles of Community law
Advocate General Tanchev: two newly-created chambers of the Polish Supreme Court are liable to fail the requirements established by EU law in a situation where the judges concerned were appointed to those positions in flagrant breach of the national laws applicable to judicial appointments to that court

No 60/2021 : 15 April 2021
Area of Freedom, Security and Justice
According to Advocate General Pikamäe, on the basis of the primacy of EU law, a national judge must disapply any national legislation or judicial practice which undermines its power to refer questions to the Court of Justice

No 59/2021 : 15 April 2021
Agriculture and fisheries
The Court of Justice dismisses the action brought by the Netherlands against the ban on fishing by vessels using electric pulse trawls

No 58/2021 : 15 April 2021
Public-sector workers placed, in certain circumstances, under the labour reserve system: the Greek legislation is not contrary to EU law

No 57/2021 : 15 April 2021
The activity of protecting adults lacking legal capacity carried out by a lawyer constitutes, as a rule, an economic activity

No 56/2021 : 15 April 2021
Approximation of laws
Internet connection service on board aircraft: a mobile satellite system which is principally based, in terms of capacity of transmitted data, on complementary ground components which are installed so as to cover the entire territory of the European Union is not necessarily incompatible with the European legislative framework

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