Press releases

No 14/2019 : 14 February 2019
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State aid
The General Court annuls the Commission’s decision concerning tax exemptions granted by Belgium by means of rulings

No 13/2019 : 14 February 2019
Area of Freedom, Security and Justice
A national law cannot invalidate, by a retroactive, general and automatic rule, credit agreements concluded with foreign lenders which were not authorised to provide credit services in that Member State

No 12/2019 : 8 February 2019
Intellectual and industrial property
The General Court annuls EUIPO’s decision refusing registration of the figurative mark ‘Chiara Ferragni’ as an EU trade mark

No 11/2019 : 7 February 2019
Social security for migrant workers
Under EU law it is not necessary that a person pursue an activity as an employed person in a Member State in order to be entitled to family benefits in respect of his children living in another Member State

No 10/2019 : 6 February 2019
Entry into office of a new Advocate General at the Court of Justice

No 9/2019 : 6 February 2019
Citizenship of the Union
Advocate General Wahl proposes that the Court of Justice should dismiss Austria’s action against the new German motorway charge

No 8/2019 : 31 January 2019
Advocate General Pitruzzella proposes that the Court find that undertakings are under an obligation to introduce a system for measuring the actual number of hours worked each day

No 7/2019 : 30 January 2019
Freedom of establishment
The prohibition in stages at EU level of cigarettes and roll-your-own tobacco containing flavourings is valid

No 6/2019 : 29 January 2019
According to Advocate General Bot, the mechanism for the settlement of disputes between investors and States provided for by the free trade agreement between the EU and Canada is compatible with EU law

No 5/2019 : 23 January 2019
Area of Freedom, Security and Justice
A Member State that has given notice of its intention to withdraw from the EU in accordance with Article 50 TEU remains the responsible State for the purposes of the Dublin III Regulation


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