Press releases

No 203/2018 : 14 December 2018
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External relations
The General Court dismisses the action brought by Hamas against the decisions to maintain the freezing of its funds as an entity involved in acts of terrorism

No 202/2018 : 13 December 2018
State aid
The German broadcasting contribution is compatible with EU law

No 201/2018 : 13 December 2018
During their minimum period of annual leave guaranteed by EU law, workers are entitled to their normal remuneration, in spite of prior periods of short-time working

No 200/2018 : 13 December 2018
Area of Freedom, Security and Justice
The Schengen Borders Code precludes Germany from requiring coach transport operators of cross-border services to check the passports and residence permits of passengers before entering or leaving German territory

No 199/2018 : 13 December 2018
Law governing the institutions
The Court sets aside the damages imposed on the EU by the General Court on account of bank guarantee charges incurred by several undertakings in the context of excessively long proceedings before the General Court

No 198/2018 : 13 December 2018
Environment and consumers
The General Court upholds the actions brought by the cities of Paris, Brussels and Madrid and annuls in part the Commission’s regulation setting excessively high oxides of nitrogen emission limits for the tests for new light passenger and commercial vehicles

No 197/2018 : 13 December 2018
Approximation of laws
Advocate General Hogan: the Court should rule that the new German rules prohibiting search engines from providing excerpts of press products without prior authorisation by the publisher must not be applied

No 196/2018 : 13 December 2018
The General Court partially annuls the Commission decision relating to anticompetitive practices on the Slovakian telecommunications market

No 195/2018 : 12 December 2018
External relations
The General Court upholds the Council’s decisions of 2017 and 2018 to renew the restrictive measures taken against Mr Mubarak, former President of Egypt, in the light of ongoing judicial proceedings relating to the misappropriation of Egyptian State funds

No 194/2018 : 12 December 2018
The General Court annuls in part the European Commission’s decision finding the existence of restrictive agreements and an abuse of a dominant position on the market for perindopril, a medicine used to treat hypertension and heart failure


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