Press releases

No 7/2021 : 20 January 2021
Intellectual and industrial property
The General Court confirms that there is no likelihood of confusion between the collective mark HALLOUMI, reserved for the members of a Cypriot association, and the sign ‘BBQLOUMI’ which serves to designate the products of a Bulgarian company

No 6/2021 : 20 January 2021
External relations
Advocate General Hogan: a third State may have legal standing in an action for annulment of restrictive measures adopted by the Council against that State

No 5/2021 : 14 January 2021
Area of Freedom, Security and Justice
Before issuing a return decision in respect of an unaccompanied minor, a Member State must verify that adequate reception facilities are available for the minor in the State of return

No 4/2021 : 14 January 2021
A national rule permitting the confiscation of an instrumentality that was used to commit an aggravated smuggling offence but belongs to a third party acting in good faith is contrary to EU law

No 3/2021 : 14 January 2021
The reduction on the price of fuel for residents of the Regione autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia does not, in itself, constitute an infringement of the Energy Taxation Directive

No 2/2021 : 13 January 2021
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Area of Freedom, Security and Justice
A European arrest warrant must be regarded as being invalid when it is not based on a national arrest warrant or any other enforceable judicial decision having the same effect

No 1/2021 : 13 January 2021
Principles of Community law
Advocate General Bobek: the data protection authority in the State where a data controller or processor has its main EU establishment has a general competence to start court proceedings for GDPR infringements in relation to cross-border data processing

No 173/2020 : 22 December 2020
Report on the functioning of the General Court of the European Union

No 172/2020 : 17 December 2020
Advocate General Hogan : EU Law does not preclude national constitutional provisions under which the executive power or one of its members, such as the Prime Minister, plays a role in the process of the appointment of members of the judiciary

No 171/2020 : 17 December 2020
Law governing the institutions
Advocate General Tanchev: Polish law introduced in order to exclude the possibility for legal review of the National Council of the Judiciary’s assessment of judicial candidates to the Supreme Court violates EU law

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