Press releases

No 124/2018 : 7 August 2018
Area of Freedom, Security and Justice
Advocate General Szpunar: the UK’s decision to leave the EU should not affect the execution of a European arrest warrant issued by it

No 123/2018 : 7 August 2018
Freedom of establishment
The posting on a website of a photograph that was freely accessible on another website with the consent of the author requires a new authorisation by that author

No 122/2018 : 25 July 2018
Advocate General Kokott suggests that the Court of Justice should confirm that the Commission’s decision prohibiting the acquisition of TNT Express by UPS should be annulled due to a procedural error

No 121/2018 : 25 July 2018
Law governing the institutions
Advocate General Wahl: the Court of Justice should set aside the judgments of the General Court by which it ordered the EU to pay compensation for material damage to a number of companies as a result of the excessive length of proceedings before that court

No 120/2018 : 25 July 2018
Environment and consumers
On account of its delay in implementing the Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive, Spain is ordered to pay a lump sum of €12 million and a penalty payment of almost €11 million per six-month period of delay

No 119/2018 : 25 July 2018
The framework agreement on fixed-term work does not mean that non-permanent workers in the Spanish public sector must be guaranteed reinstatement in the event that their disciplinary dismissal is found to be wrongful

No 118/2018 : 25 July 2018
Area of Freedom, Security and Justice
The execution of a European arrest warrant cannot be refused on the ground that a decision of the Public Prosecutor’s Office has closed a criminal investigation when, during that investigation, the requested person was interviewed as a witness only

No 117/2018 : 25 July 2018
Not providing consumers with information on the testing conditions that resulted in the energy classification indicated on the energy label of vacuum cleaners does not constitute a ‘misleading omission’

No 116/2018 : 25 July 2018
Intellectual and industrial property
EUIPO must reconsider whether the three-dimensional shape of a ‘4 Finger KitKat’ can be retained as an EU trade mark

No 115/2018 : 25 July 2018
State aid
The Court of Justice sets aside the judgment of the General Court on the ‘Spanish tax lease system’


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