Press releases

No 81/2021 : 12 May 2021
Law governing the institutions
The General Court, finding an inadequate statement of reasons, annuls a Commission decision refusing to register a proposed citizens' initiative

No 80/2021 : 12 May 2021
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Tax rulings granted by Luxembourg to companies in the Engie group: the General Court finds the existence of a tax advantage

No 79/2021 : 12 May 2021
State aid
No selective advantage in favour of a Luxembourg subsidiary of the Amazon group: the General Court annuls the Commission’s decision declaring the aid incompatible with the internal market

No 78/2021 : 12 May 2021
Free movement of capital
Advocate General Hogan: Iranian undertakings may invoke EU law blocking US secondary sanctions before the courts of the Member States

No 77/2021 : 12 May 2021
State aid
Greece has failed to fulfil its obligations by failing to recover unlawful aid paid to Greek farmers as compensation for adverse weather conditions

No 76/2021 : 12 May 2021
Principles of Community law
The principle prohibiting the duplication of proceedings can preclude the arrest, within the Schengen Area and the European Union, of a person who is the subject of an Interpol notice

No 75/2021 : 6 May 2021
Principles of Community law
Advocate General Tanchev: the Court should rule that the Polish legislation concerning the disciplinary regime for judges is contrary to EU law

No 74/2021 : 29 April 2021
Agriculture and fisheries
Advocate General Pitruzzella: PDO products are protected against all forms of commercial parasitism

No 73/2021 : 29 April 2021
Area of Freedom, Security and Justice
The Court of Justice clarifies the scope of the principle ne bis in idem applicable when executing a European arrest warrant in respect of acts which were previously the subject of a sentence in a third State

No 72/2021 : 29 April 2021
The unconditional recognition of a reorganisation measure regarding a credit institution, having retroactive effect, is contrary to EU law if it means that the client can no longer pursue legal proceedings on the merits against the ‘bridge bank’ to which the liabilities in question were previously transferred

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