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Nº 161/2022 : 22 September 2022
Withdrawal of international protection further to a danger to national security: EU law precludes Hungarian legislation which provides that the person concerned or his or her legal representative can access the case file only after obtaining authorisation to that end, and without being provided with the grounds of the decision
Nº 162/2022 : 28 September 2022
The Parliament’s decision to refuse access to two documents relating to the investigation against Mr Andrej Babiš, the former Czech Prime Minister, on misuse of European funds and potential conflicts of interest is valid.
Nº 160/2022 : 22 September 2022
The suspension, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, of the implementation of a decision to transfer an asylum seeker to the Member State responsible does not have the effect of interrupting the six-month time limit for transfer
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