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Nº 146/2020 : 24 November 2020
Public prosecutors in the Netherlands do not constitute an ‘executing judicial authority’ in connection with the execution of a European arrest warrant, given that they may be subject to instructions in specific cases from the Netherlands Minister for Justice
Nº 147/2020 : 24 November 2020
A hotel using the platform may, in principle, bring proceedings against before a court of the Member State in which that hotel is established in order to bring to an end a possible abuse of a dominant position
Nº 145/2020 : 24 November 2020
A Member State which adopts a decision refusing a ‘Schengen’ visa because of an objection raised by another Member State must indicate, in that decision, the identity of the Member State concerned and the specific ground for refusal based on that objection, accompanied, where appropriate, by the reasons for that objection
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